The Best PC Gaming Accessories

The eternal question: What’s best to play, a gaming PC, a desktop PC, or a laptop? Without a doubt, a desktop gaming computer is better than a laptop. But this is very relative. In theory, the desktop beats it, but it depends on what you want to use it for. Throughout the post, I will tell you the pros and cons of these two types of gaming computers. Now let’s go to what interests you most.

Gaming Accesories

It is undeniable that a desktop gaming computer’s convenience when buying peripherals and accessories and changing hardware is a significant plus. Here’s a list of accessories you can’t miss to be quite a Pro gamer.

Gaming chairs

The chair has become something necessary for every good gamer who takes advantage, something like the throne of Game of Thrones in the world of gaming. One of the best gaming chairs you can buy online (and not have to carry it home) is this one here, although, in the boxes below, you can see many more models. Apart from your more or less colorful choices, the gaming chair must have a lumbar and cervical cushion, so the hours you spend in front of your PC playing won’t get billed. Other aspects to look at are: that they are height adjustable, whether or not they have footrests, that are 180o, etc.

Keyboards for Gaming PCs

Having a good keyboard to play with your PC is one of the essential gaming accessories you can buy. There are a lot of keyboard types: laser keyboard, ergonomic keyboard, membrane… When buying a keyboard for your gaming PC, I recommend that it be mechanical, like the one in the photo below. Mechanical keyboards are best for gaming because they have better response time and superior resistance to membrane keyboards. Depending on the model, you will customize the type of lighting, color, or intensity.

Gaming Mouse

Of course, it is another must along with the keyboard. Gaming mice are not like classic PC mice. You can say they are much more evolved, something like a 3.0 mouse. Mouse for gaming PCs have better grip, higher movement sensitivity; their keys are configurable, the materials are of better quality. In short, the mouse of mice so that you want everything in your gameplays.

Gaming Helmets and Headphones

Gaming headsets are another must-have accessory to immerse yourself in the game, especially when it comes to online gaming. These gaming headsets already feature mind-blowing technology, with perfect surround sound that listens to even the slightest footsteps.

As is the case with these below. Not only do they sound good, but they are also very comfortable to have them on for hours (this is also important so that your ears don’t end up burning). It also has a built-in microphone so that you can talk to other players online.

Gaming Monitors

Having a good computer screen to play is something that no one doubts; comfort, definition, image quality. Even in my humble opinion of gamer (I have a gaming tower and a gaming laptop), I think it is essential to buy a good monitor even if you have a laptop. The huge advantage of the laptop is the mobility it offers you. If you travel a lot or need to take your PC anywhere, the best is a gaming laptop. But that’s not why you have to give up enjoying your video games on a big screen.

When choosing your gaming screen, I recommend that you choose one from 24″ onwards. It will be on your desktop, if it is big better, especially when playing with a double screen. As for the type of display, I recommend that you choose one that has AN IPS panel (they have faster response and better color rendering) and that it is at least 60hz. Today they are all already Full HD 1080, although you can also find 4K monitors for PC.