Our Club Leaders

Meet our members who were elected to serve on the 2016-2017 Club Board. Browse through their bios to get a feel for the leadership of our Kiwanis club and why they joined the Kiwanis Club of Tysons.



Catie Dugan-Vargas -

Years in Kiwanis: 3

Why I Joined Kiwanis: I joined the club because after over 10 years in the Kiwanis family, it seemed fitting to take the next step into Kiwanis. Especially in a club with such strong leaders and mentors. I can't imagine my life without Kiwanis in it!

Favorite Kiwanis Event: My favorite part of Kiwanis is serving youth and being a mentor to our SLPs. The Kiwanis family helped to shape me into who I am today and I enjoy being able to give back.

Other Activities: I enjoy hiking, cooking and traveling in my spare time! 


Stacy Whitehouse-

Years in Kiwanis: 3

Why I Joined Kiwanis: Because I love working with the youth we sponsor.

Favorite Kiwanis Event: Kiwanis One Day

Kristina Dlugozima


Kristina Dlugozima -

Years in Kiwanis: 14

Why I Joined Kiwanis: I had been a member of Circle K during college and wanted to continue my community service through Kiwanis as an adult. When I moved to Northern VA, I was very fortunate to move into an area with such a dynamic club!

Favorite Kiwanis Event: One of my favorite events is Kiwanis One Day when our Kiwanis Club gets to work together with its service leadership programs to improve our community.

Other Activities: I am currently pursuing my MBA degree at George Mason University which occupies much of my free time.  I also love to travel, read and watch soccer.



Dave Lurie

Years in Kiwanis: 16

Why I joined Kiwanis: I have been a member of the Kiwanis Family for over 30 years and joining Key Club was a life changing experience for me. I always appreciated the support and encouragement I got from Kiwanis. I know enjoy being able to do the same for other young people and introduce them to the joys of service and being a positive force in their communities.

Favorite Kiwanis Event: Although there are a lot of projects and activities I love to do each year, my favorite event is attending Kiwanis International Convention. The opportunity to meet people from all over the world , being able to exchange ideas with them and make new friends is one of the ways that continue to inspire me to give back to my community. Seeing and understanding that what we do locally really does have an impact on the world is a natural high!

Other Activities: Outside of Kiwanis, I am very active in my church and homeowners association serving in a myriad of positions. I also enjoy reading, traveling, and a big fan of college football!



Natalie Jamison

Years in Kiwanis:

Why I Joined Kiwanis:

Favorite Kiwanis Event:

Other Activities:


Aaron Lofurno -

Years in Kiwanis:  1

Why I Joined Kiwanis: I joined Kiwanis because I wanted to give back to my community at the local level.  As a former Key Club member, I was familiar with the Kiwanis Organization and what they are about.  Joining the Tysons club was a no-brainer.  It’s a young group of like-minded people and I am happy to be a part of it!

Favorite Kiwanis Event:  I enjoy cooking dinner at the Ronald McDonald House.  Many families travel far from home and spend several weeks or months at RMDH to get treatment for their seriously ill or injured children.  It’s a privilege to provide them with home-cooked meals.

Other Activities: Outside of Kiwanis, I enjoy tennis, traveling, the outdoors, and watching pro and college football.


Nicole McDermott

Years in Kiwanis: 14

Why I Joined Kiwanis: I was a member of Key Club in high school and Circle K in college. I am a member of Kiwanis because of incredible opportunities presented to me as a member of these service leadership organizations. Making a difference in all areas of my life is very important to me.

Favorite Kiwanis Event:  I love the meal-packing events in which our club participates. These projects always include people of all ages serving together with the goal to help those in need. I also love working with Service Leadership Program students as an advisor. It is very full-circle: I am grateful for the positive Kiwanis role models who helped shape my ideas and impacted me as a high school and college student and to help play a part of that for today's students means a lot to me.

Other Activities: Outside of my Kiwanis Family commitments, I am busy with school activities (I am the principal of a small private school in Annandale), and I enjoy reading, baking, and spending time with family and friends.



DIRECTOR / In-House Service Projects Chairperson
Brenna Merry

Years in Kiwanis: 3

Why I Joined Kiwanis:  I love volunteering and helping others.  Previously,  I served as a member of AmeriCorps NCCC and I have always enjoyed giving back.  

Favorite Kiwanis Event: One of my favorite and most memorable events was taking part in the wreath-laying ceremony over the holidays at the Arlington National Cemetery.  It was a great honor.  

Other Activities: Outside of Kiwanis, I am a special education teacher who likes the outdoors as well as traveling and speaking Spanish.  


DIRECTOR/Fundraising Committee Chairperson
Jeffrey Wolff -

Years in Kiwanis: 19

Why I Joined Kiwanis: As a charter member of the club, I was part of a group of former CKI (collegiate branch of Kiwanis) members who were looking for a Kiwanis club that would do a significant amount of hands-on service.  When we couldn't find one that fit our needs, we formed our own.  

Favorite Kiwanis Event: Kiwanis One Day, because we get to work side-by-side with the youth programs we sponsor and our Safe Sitter program because we have the opportunity to prepare young people to be better parents in the future. 

Other Activities: Outside of Kiwanis, I love to travel with my family and friends.  I also like to read, cook and watch movies.