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Shortly after joining our Kiwanis club, members are placed on a committee to help shape our club into however they want. Our committees are led by our Directors who attend monthly board meetings to discuss with our club leaders what each committee is up to and ways to help with committee initiatives.

Committee functions

Committee terms are for one year from October to September, or from when you join to September. Members have the choice to stay on the same committee for multiple years or change committees each year.

Directors are responsible for outlining the goals and objectives of their respective committee at the beginning of each year. Directors then work with their committee members to ensure those goals and objectives are met by then end of the Kiwanis administrative year.

Committee meetings are held on a quarterly basis either in person, over the phone, or through e-mail. Some committees meet more frequently based on the what the members of the committee feels is necessary to carry out their goals.

Our committees

Below is a list of all our committees and their respective Director. For more in-depth details about each committee, visit the Our Committees page.

Fundraising Committee
Director: Jeffrey Wolff -
Responsible for organizing revenue generating events for our charities.

Membership Committee
Director: Kristina Dlugozima & Jennifer Hiscock -
Responsible for recruiting new members and retaining current members.

Public Relations Committee
Director: Jamie Arca -
Responsible for promoting the club to the general public and manages internal communications with members.

Service Committee
Director: Brandon Shultz -
Responsible for planning service projects for the club.

Service Leadership Programs (SLP) Committee
Director: Nicole McDermott -
Responsible for maintaining a close relationship with all the SLPs we sponsor.

Socials/Interclub Committee
Director: Catie Dugan -
Responsible for organizing social events and coordinating activities with other Kiwanis clubs.

More information

If you would like more information about any of our committees, please contact the respective Director for that committee. If you have a general question on committees, please contact our President at